Per Product Rates

This article provides an overview on how to configure MLA options & rates on a per product basis.

Per Product settings can currently be set on ‘WooCommerce’ and ‘Easy Digital Downloads’ products with the option to set the rate type and per level rate values. Commissions can also be disabled entirely on a per product basis. Any per product setting you configure will have priority over any options set on the main MLA options page (Affiliates > Settings > MLA).

The below sections describe where to find and configure the per product rates for each of the supported integrations. 

When combining MLA with our ‘Affiliate Groups’ add-on, per product rates can also be set on a group by group basis.


The WooCommerce product options can be found on the edit product page within the ‘Product Data’ meta box and options can be set for simple and variable products. When configuring options on product variations, these settings will always have priority over any options set at the parent level.

Easy Digital Downloads

The EDD product options can be found on the edit download page within the ‘MLA Product Rates’ meta box

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