Network Charts

This article provides an overview of the MLA charting system

Chart Settings

As described in theĀ Plugin Settings article, the chart settings control the look and function of the network charts on both the front end and admin area. MLA’s charts offer a pan and zoom feature controlled by the user’s their mouse, allowing the user to focus in on any region of the chart. You can also set the number of levels you wish to display on the charts.

User Interface

Both the front end and admin area charts include a basic toolbar where users can enable/disable the pan and zoom features, expand the charts to full screen and export the chart as an image. Check out the video below to see it in action.

Colors & Styling

Active affiliates are displayed with a blue background and inactive affiliates displayed as grey. ‘Team Leaders’ and ‘Super Team Leaders’ (if configured) are displayed in Purple.


MLA Charts are built to be easily customized . See the Network Charts article in the Customization section for detailed information (and code snippets) on how to modify colors and the information displayed..

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