Affiliate Registration

This article provides an overview of the MLA affiliate registration process

The AffiliateWP Registration Process

AffiliateWP offers various ways in which affiliates can register on your site including registration forms, automatic registration when a user account is created as well as manual registration via the admin area.


The MLA Registration & Linking Process

MLA does not require any special registration or affiliate tracking. It simply extends the standard AffiliateWP processes by linking the registering affiliate to their referrer. Existing affiliates will also be linked to their referrers next time a transaction occurs.

All AffiliateWP tracking and registration methods are covered including Checkout Referrals and Coupon Tracking.

Once an affiliate is linked to their referrer, the referrer is now called their ‘Parent’.

The affiliate linking process is 100% automatic. The only exception is the manual registration method via the admin area. In this case, the administrator must select the affiliate’s Parent on the ‘Parent’ field when they are entering the affiliate’s details. See the Admin Area¬†article for more information on this.

Lifetime Commissions

By nature MLA is a lifetime commissions system so there are no other add-ons required to generate commissions on future orders (placed by affiliates). The registering affiliate is permanently linked to their parent at the time of registration unless modified by an administrator.

Some users may choose to install the Lifetime Commissions add-on alongside MLA and this is 100% supported, however when a purchase is made, an affiliate’s parent (if one exists) is considered the level 1 (parent/referrer) and the lifetime referrer is ignored.

Where the ‘Lifetime Commissions’ add-on still has a role is for purchases made by non-affiliates who naturally won’t have a parent set in MLA. These non-affiliate customers can still be linked to their referrer by using the Lifetime Commissions add-on. MLA will award multi level commissions on future purchases made by these customers and the lifetime referrer is considered the level 1 (parent/referrer) on these orders.

MLA will award the level 1 commission rate based on it’s own settings so the ‘Lifetime Referral Rate’ setting provided by this add-on may not apply. See the settings article¬†(Direct Referral Mode setting) for further information on this.

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