Affiliate Area

This article provides an overview of the MLA Affiliate Area features and how to configure them.

MLA allows you to add 3 new tabs and up to 4 content sections (widgets) per tab. The available content sections are as follows;

1. Affiliate Commission Rates

The ‘Commission Rates’ widget displays a table of the affiliate’s multi level rates.

2. Affiliate Earnings

The ‘Affiliate Earnings’ widget displays a table of the affiliate’s referrals count (paid and unpaid) as well as their earnings (paid and unpaid).

3. Network Statistics

The ‘Network Statistics’ widget displays a table of the affiliate’s network. This does not display the logged in affiliate’s statistics, it displays the statistics of all affiliates on that particular level. For example the ‘Level 3’ Paid Earnings are $240. This is the total amount that affiliates on that level have earned from the affiliate program.

4. Network Chart

The ‘Network Chart’ widget displays an interactive chart of the affiliate’s network.

Configuring Your Tabs

Taking a look at the MLA settings tab (Affiliates > Settings > MLA ) you’ll see the Dashboard Tabs section, allowing you to configure up to 3 tabs. For our example, we will be adding 2 new tabs to the Affiliate Area.

Dashboard Tab 1 is titled ‘MLA Rates & Earnings’ and has three widgets enabled.

Dashboard Tab 2 is titled ‘Network Chart’ and only has the Network Chart widget enabled.

The Result

Navigating to your site’s Affiliate Area, you’ll see the two tabs have been added to the right of all existing tabs. 

Tab Order & customization

If you wish to modify the order of the tabs, you’ll need the free ‘Affiliate Area Tabs’ add-on. It allows you to re-arrange the order of all tabs, add new tabs, rename the existing tabs and more.

The MLA tabs and widgets are also made using templates so their content and styling can be easily modified to suit your project or tastes.

MLA tabs and widgets can also be displayed throughout your site using shortcodes, so whatever method you choose, we have you covered!

The Existing Tabs

Depending on your specific configuration, some of the content on the default AffiliateWP tabs may no longer be relevant or accurate. For example the ‘Statistics’ tab displays referral counts, earnings and the standard (default) commission rate. You may want to remove this tab as the information displayed is unlikely to be accurate now you’re using MLA. As discussed above, MLA offers an alternate widget to replace it.

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