Admin Area

This article provides an overview of MLA’s admin features.

Affiliate management

Managing affiliates within the MLA environment does not vary from the standard AffiliateWP processes in any way. In-fact there is only one addition to this process and that’s the ‘Parent’ field on the affiliate’s profile. This field is available on both the ‘Add new’ and ‘Edit Affiliate’ pages.

If an affiliate’s Parent is changed for any reason, they are moved underneath their new parent along with all of their down-line (sub affiliates).

Network Charts

On the AffilateWP reports page (Affiliates > Reports), MLA adds a new tab called ‘MLA Charts’. This tab offers a way to view any affiliate’s chart and see a complete overview of their entire network. 

Hovering over an affiliate displays an info icon which when clicks displays extra details about the affiliate as well as an ‘edit’ link which takes you directly to affiliate’s profile should you need to modify their parent or make other changes. 

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