Quick Setup Guide

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, navigate to the AffiliateWP settings page (Affiliates > Settings) and click on the ‘Crypto’ tab. The blank settings tab will look like the following screenshot.


Step 1 – License activation

Enter your plugin license in the ‘License Key’ field and then save your settings. You’ll now see a green license status displayed advising that your license is valid.

Step 2 – Configuring The Required Adaptors (API Keys)

AffiliateWP Crypto utilises two third party services that provide exchange rates and other various block-chain related integrations. The two required services (free) are ‘CoinMarketCap’ and ‘CryptoAPIs’.

CoinMarketCap is used to obtain real time exchange rates and other meta related to specific currencies such as their logo.

CryptoAPIs is used to obtain information specific to addresses and transactions such as account balances and transaction confirmations. It can also be used to send payments however it’s only one of several other options available for making payments including built in support for MetaMask which is a browser based wallet extension used for making secure payments on the Ethereum network.

Although the Free CryptoAPIs plan is sufficient, this plugin also supports their Webhooks for instant transaction confirmations. Webhooks are not required for this plugin to function however it runs more efficiently with them as it can reduce the number of API calls resulting in less credits being used. Please review their plans to see which is right for your application.


Setting up your ‘CoinMarketCap’ API Key

  1. Navigate to https://coinmarketcap.com/api/ and click on ‘GET YOUR API KEY NOW’.
  2. Complete the account registration process selecting the ‘Basic – Free’ plan.
  3. Once logged in to your dashboard, hover over the API key box and click ‘COPY KEY’
  4. Back on the Crypto settings tab, paste your API Key into the CoinMarketCap API Key field and click ‘Activate’.


Setting up your ‘CryptoAPIs’ API key

  1. Navigate to https://cryptoapis.io and click ‘Get API Key’.
  2. Complete the account registration process.
  3. Once logged in to your dashboard, click on the ‘API Keys’ page and then click ‘Create New API Key’
  4. Give your API key a name and click ‘Create API Key’.
  5. Copy and Paste your API key into the CryptoAPIs API Key field on the plugin’s settings tab and click activate.


Step 3 – Adding Currencies

By default the plugin offers built in support for the Ethereum network (ETH + all tokens) made possible by the MetaMask browser extension. If you have not used MetaMask before, please read our setup guide here.

At this point there is nothing else required and you are fully setup to start paying affiliates with ETH. If you would like to pay affiliates using Ethereum tokens, please read Adding Tokens article for further information.

All of the other currencies use the ‘CryptoAPIs’ service to make payments and require you to select one of several methods of adding your address/account. Please read the Adding Currencies article which goes into more detail about the pros and cons of each method and the potential security considerations.


Where to next ?

We recommend reading the following articles to familiarise yourself with the various features and changes the plugin makes to your site.


  1. AffiliateWP Admin Area – How the plugin modifies the admin area.
  2. AffiliateWP Front-end – How the plugin modifies the affiliate dashboard and registration process.
  3. The Payments UI – How to use the Payments UI.
  4. The Payment and Confirmation Process – Details all of the internal steps the plugin takes for the life-cycle of a payment.
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